Equip Classes

These classes are designed to inform and instruct members in what the Bible teaches on various topics that are a part of our everyday life.  Core classes are Bible study, giving, fellowship, and prayer.  Other practical topics will relate to family matters, evangelism, and other spiritual disciplines.


Starting Sunday night, February 17, 2019, in the Worship Center (Sanctuary):

Four (4) weeks of discussions about how to talk to others about Jesus using general conversations.  What are the barriers that restrict you?  What are some steps to get started?  What are some ways to present the Gospel?  All these questions and more will be discussed in this great Equip class!

Session 1 Topic:


Coming in Spring 2019:

This Equip class is a follow up to "Jesus Conversations."  The class features information that will help believers encourage and strengthen new followers in their faith.  Topics such as accountability and prayer will be covered extensively.